What’s New

It’s been a busy few months! The Array Music Ensemble recently premiered Fantigue for bass clarinet, percussion, piano, and cello, written for the Young Composers Workshop. It was a privilege and a delight to work with them, and I couldn’t be happier with the experience. I highly recommend applying to this program if you’re an emerging composer.

I am now putting the finishing touches on yet another piece, this time for large chamber ensemble, written for the Orford Summer Academy. Titled, Synaptic Étude, it is inspired by Santiago Ramón y Cajal’s beautiful hand-drawn illustrations of synapses. I was very taken by the highly musical and enigmatic character of these drawings, and it was surprisingly easy to begin writing the piece using them as source material.

This new piece won’t be performed until mid-late August when the Orford Academy takes place. So in the meantime, get yourself a (free!) arraytv membership, and keep an eye out there for the 2019 YCW video recordings from this year’s concert!


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